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Virtual Visits:

Bringing Tennessee Authors and Illustrators to Nashville's Kids

*This was a special COVID-19 project from November 2020. Learn more below.

Virtual Visits is an online literacy initiative designed to bring authors and illustrators based in Tennessee to Nashville's kids. In these videos, authors and illustrators connect with Nashville children about their roots in Tennessee, share the process of creating their book, and leave kids with an encouraging message intended to spark their interest in reading, or to create a story of their own.

Update: Virtual Visits was a special COVID-19 project from November 2020 in partnership with  and Book'em spread the word about this online resource through bookmarks that accompanied each book distributed in December 2020. The Virtual Visits bookmarks contained a QR code which sent kids to the  YouTube playlist. The bookmarks reached approximately 14,000 children.

Authors and Illustrators in this project included:

  • Ketch Secor & Higgins Bond ()
  • Jessica Young ()
  • Susan Eaddy ()
  • Rita Lorraine Hubbard ()
  • Alice Faye Duncan & Mary Reaves Uhles ()
  • Rachel Tawil Kenyon ()
  • Jacquese Groves ()
Scroll down to explore Virtual Visits or to visit the full playlist on YouTube. Although this project took place in during the winter of 2020, we believe that these videos can continue to inspire children throughout middle Tennessee!

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