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Volunteer with Book'em

Volunteers are our most valuable resource. Book’em has a volunteer base of 300+ community members who serve as reading role models in local elementary schools and early learning centers, prepare donated books for distribution and fulfill book requests, help out in the office, and assist with special events. Learn more about all of our programs here.

Become a Reading Role Model

Research shows that reading aloud to children greatly increases their ability to learn to read and build essential literacy skills. If you have questions, please email caroline@fajarjitu.com.

nhà cái mu88Liên kết đăng nhập
nhà cái mu88Liên kết đăng nhập

Volunteer Groups

Volunteer groups make an enormous impact. Hundreds (sometimes even thousands!) of books can be sorted and processed in just a few hours of group service. Book'em hosts groups of up to 10 volunteers throughout the work week to help sort, clean, stamp, shelve, & box up donated books. This is a fun opportunity for businesses, civic groups, clubs, teams, and more to serve together while doing good in the community. Evening and weekend opportunities are available upon request. Please email books@fajarjitu.com if you are interested in bringing your group to volunteer.

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Other Ways to Volunteer

If you are interested in hosting a book drive, processing book donations, filling book requests, delivering books, helping with special events, or volunteering in other ways, please complete our and we will contact you as needs arise.

Email books@fajarjitu.com  for more information.

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